Saturday, 8 June 2013




Over the past few days the weather has been glorious and I wanted to make the most of it by getting up at 2.45am (it was hardly worth going to bed!) to go on a Sunrise Walk. Son #2 and I had such a wonderful time together on our Dawn Chorus Walk last month and (thankfully!) he was keen to do it again, with the hope of actually seeing the sun rising up over the horizon.

Of course, dawn was even earlier this time around (sunrise was at 4.47am today) and it was hard getting up and out, but there is something so magical about being out and about at twilight, being part of the beginning of the day.

Seeing the pinky orange sun emerging in the distance was completely worth the effort to see it, and F was delighted.

The soft warm light on the dewy grass and bluebells.

Sheep on the hill rather surprised at having their breakfast interupted.

Along country lanes full of Cow Parsley.

And a new (to me) wildflower spot... Crosswort. A beautiful upright plant with tiny lime coloured flowers. The leaves are grouped in crosses up the stems. I only saw this clump growing in the roadside verge, but now I know what it is I'll no doubt spot it in all sorts of places.

Back home to greet the rest of the family just getting up!

It is now the end of the day, and I desperately need my bed. A long, but precious day.



  1. Isn't cow parsley pretty at this time of year - especially if there is a breeze and it waves about. But those BLUEBELLS!!! Wonderful....

    1. Yes, it was wonderful to sit amongst them all. I guess the hillside was wooded once, and was cleared but the bluebells remained.


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