Friday, 31 May 2013

Dolgellau: Setting up camp




We have just had a few days away in our beloved caravan, in Dolgellau, North Wales.
It may be an hour up the road, but the mountains feel a world away... just what's needed.
Our regular campsite has a fantastic view of Cadair Idris. I never tire of this view.
Once we're all set up, we go for a walk in the woods, and have more magnificent views of these mountains. On a warm evening, there really is nothing better.
Back to camp and the serious business of toasting marshmellows.
Mornings with coffee and biscuits, the boys having lollies before getting dressed... why not!
Toys stored in the caravan rediscovered.
The mountain beckons...

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Friday's Flower: Geranium

A few days away and the garden has turned into a jungle.
Geranium 'phaem' which I planted last year, is looking particularly good with its vivid pinks and distinct stamens, against the lush green background

Saturday, 25 May 2013

May's wildflowers


Cow Parsley : Lady's Smock : Jack-by-the-hedge : Ivy-leaved Toadflax

Shining Cranesbill : Greater Celandine : Red Campion : White Deadnettle

Dandelion : Herb Robert : Dandelion : Creeping Speedwell & Daisy

Pignut : Welsh Poppy : Hairy Bitter-cress & Daisy : Cow Parsnip

As I'm doing my rounds of town on the school run, I'm really enjoying spotting wildflowers and trying to identify them. Even Littlest is beginning to pick up some names, though "Dan-dan" (Dandelion) remains his favourite! 
By doing this, it is opening my eyes to things that I may otherwise take for granted. Whilst looking for the correct name for speedwell for example, I discovered that there lots of different varieties when I thought speedwell was just plain old speedwell. 
Every week there is something new to spot. Spring is really racing by now...

Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday's Flower - Aquilegia

I couldn't imagine a garden without Aquilegia.
I love the range of colours, their beautiful shapes and the height they give the garden.

Saturday, 18 May 2013




Visiting a bluebell wood is such a delight for the senses.
The colour of bluebells en mass is stunning especially contrasting with the spring green leaves of the beech trees and the unfurling bracken.
Up close you can see stripes of purple and pale blue.
The boys enjoy spotting the occasional white ones in amongst the blue.
The intoxicating scent of bluebells as you walk through them makes the effort of visiting them so worthwhile, I just love it.
We even found the home of Mr Fox, I suspect of the fox we saw in the snow a while back. Fantastic that he's settled here.
Littlest and I enjoyed a quiet few minutes sitting on a fallen tree listening to the melodic sound of blackcaps singing, a real sound of spring.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday's Flower - looking up!

One of the first plants I bought when I made this garden was Exochorda 'The Bride', sometimes known as The Pearl Bush. It's at its best at this time of year when the pearl like buds open up into beautiful white flowers.
Today I was taken with the form of the stems of buds, especially when I looked up to see their silhouette. I'm not sure how I managed to capture the sky as a pure white background, but I am pleased it came out that way!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

My blogging view


Not a very inspiring view is it? Sabrina at Wolves in London shared her blogging view and asked others to share theirs. I thought I'd join in too, along with Laura at Circle of Pine Trees. I think its safe to say their views are far nicer than mine! 

And what is behind the curtain?...

A lot of building/restoration site clutter, hence why the curtains remain down!
The reason for this rather unconventional view, with very little natural light, is because we reside in a 'pod' which we call the 'The Hut', in an old church while we restore it and convert part of it (with the arched door in the picture below) into our proper house. 

 For nearly 10 years this has been our way of life, with all our worldly possessions stacked on pews.
And here is the outside view of our 'house' which still now makes me stop and think 'wow do we really live there!'

Hopefully... soon... my blogging view will be a lot more inspiring, with natural daylight reflecting off my limewashed walls, surrounded by our lovely possessions (most of which I can barely remember!) in their proper place... one day!
Thanks Sabrina for prompting this post, I've enjoyed doing it. If you blog, I look forward to seeing your blogging view!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday's Flower

The Tulips steal the show today.
It's cloudy, wet and breezy so really not a day for being out in the garden. However, I'm glad of this blog series to make me pop over to the garden and take a look and appreciate what's blooming. I'd of hated to of missed these tulips.
At least the garden is happy with this recent rain!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dawn Chorus walk




It was an early start for Son #2, Fred and I this morning as we went on our own Dawn Chorus Walk. Today was International Dawn Chorus Day as it's the best time of year to hear song birds at their best.
Fred had never got up so early before, so it was quite an adventure setting off in the dark, with bats flying around. A few birds such as blackbirds and wrens had already begun their warblings and it wasn't long before the Dawn Chorus reached it's crescendo.
Unfortunately it was rather cloudy so sunrise wasn't quite the spectacle we'd hoped for, but it was still magical.
Our walk took us along country lanes and over fields to the summit of a local hill, Y Golfa, where we caught sight of a fox which was exciting.
We had a much needed rest at the top and enjoyed some hot chocolate and coissants, to the sound of skylarks.
From there we decended into a beautiful valley of fields, woodland and dingles.
As daylight grew and the birdsong died down, wild flowers caught our attention. Wood Anemone, Ground Ivy, Bush Vetch and new to me, Evergreen Alkanet. The verges was abundant with Primrose, Violet and Forget-me-not.
I think we walked a good 8 miles and I was very proud of Fred for physically achieving such a long trek, (though he did take his bike which helped) but also his great enthusiasm and interest in everything we experienced.
He wants to do it again next weekend!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday's Flower... euphorbia

I love the zingy lime 'flowers' contrasting with the rich deep plum colour of the leaves of Euphorbia Purpurea, which really stands out in the garden this week. This is a great plant which needs very little attention and as an added bonus, it gradually self seeds... just my sort of plant.