Thursday, 12 March 2015

from the hawthorn to the copper beech


My final visit to the hawthorn as it's Tree Follower was in beautiful warm spring sunshine. While photographing the tree, the distinctive song of a Chiffchaff cut through the other bird song - a true sound of spring. Interestingly it was a day earlier than last year.

It has been a wonderful year of observing the hawthorn tree. A beautiful tree to follow with its delicate fresh leaves, followed by masses of blossom, turning into rosy red berries. All of its phases a delight to photograph. I've selected one favourite picture from each month to give an overview of the year of the hawthorn.


So it is with reluctance that I bid goodbye to this beautiful hawthorn tree and choose an new tree to follow for a year. I have chosen this rather grand Copper Beech. Like the hawthorn tree it is situated in The Field, but a little closer to home. There were two Copper Beech trees here, but one has recently died which has prompted me to study this remaining one closer. Another reason for choosing this tree is that it is one of my son's favourite trees and he loves to climb it. As he is away at university, this will be a nice connection to him. 


I am rather taken with its large sweeping bows and on a sunny spring day, the shadows these make on the ground below.



Joining in with Loose and Leafy's 'Tree Following'