Friday, 19 February 2016

blue skies


The biggest bluest skies at the Elan Valley earlier this week where we went for our half term ramble. The boys were keen to see the Claerwen dam (as they had watched Top Gear's Richard Hammond drive a Landrover up the front of it on TV!).




The winter colours were stunning, bleached windswept grasses contrasting with the blue sparkling water.
The Claerwen river flows from the dam down through a wide boggy valley. We walked along a bridleway adjacent to the river. However the track was very waterlogged in places and after a failed attempt to jump a stream with a 5 year old on my back and ending up knee deep in a bog, we turned back! 
These beautiful wild hills definitely need a return visit (and I must remember after a long wet spell, to keep to the high ground).