Sunday, 28 April 2013

April's wildflowers

I've been spotting lots of wildflowers recently, growing on roadside verges and pavements edges. We live in a small rural town, so the countryside never feels far away. Even in 'town' there is plenty of little wild spaces, which I love walking by on my daily rounds to school and playgroup.

There are:
Primroses : Lesser Celandines : Violets :
Greater Stitchwort : Forget-me-not : Dandelion :
Honesty : Red Deadnettle :

There are carpets of primroses in the churchyards. It seems a particularly good year for primroses. I could even smell them there were so many. Incredible.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Flower

Whilst weeding in the garden this afternoon, I had the idea of featuring a flower each week that is looking particularly mighty fine.

The garden is separated from our house by the graveyard! Then you have to go down some steps and unlock the gate, so it's quite a commitment to go there. At this time of year my attention is on the allotment and greenhouse with seed sowing, watering and potting on, so the days slip by with the garden getting very little attention.

I'm hoping that at least once a week I will stop rushing by the garden gate and actually open it to appreciate all its loveliness.

This weeks Friday Flower is the humble Violet. It is such a lovely little plant with it's heart shaped leaves and cheery little flower. I love the way it self seeds and pops up in all sorts of places. Here its growing in the garden path. I have to try and step over them!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Springtime at Powis Castle

Springtime at neighbouring Powis Castle is such a delight.
My sister and family came over to visit and explore the Castle, taking advantage of the National Trust's free weekend.
The Magnolias in the courtyard are just coming into bloom, and look lovely against the rough red sandstone walls.
Even on a grey day, there are splashes of colour, from the peacocks to the clever planting using those red walls.
It was interesting to see the borders all clear and freshly mulched, knowing how full and abundant they will become in high summer.
The views from the terraces never fail to impress, no matter how many times I've walked along them.
Down on the lawns, all the boys thoroughly enjoyed a spot of croquet.
Meandering through the woods full of springtime flowers and back up to the Castle for some delicious locally produced icecream, before making our way back through the Deer Park and over the field to home.
A good Sunday afternoon!

Friday, 12 April 2013


A springtime walk, through fields of playful, curious lambs.
Sandwiches by a new stream to explore. The boys loved it.
Wild primroses popping up everywhere, beautiful.
There was a special light today, hazy sunlight against a pewter sky.
The countryside was full of the sound of recently arrived Chiffchaffs. So uplifting to hear them.
And to top it all, I saw my first Swallow of the year! Always a very special moment.
It feels like this long winter is coming, slowly, to an end.
Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013



A wonderful calming walk through nearby woods with the boys.
The almost zingy colour of lichens caught my eye, with their intricate patterns.
They really stand out at the moment with the absence of leaves.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter weekend


An Easter walk in the snow... still around after a week of freezing cold temperatures.
Back to the woods to leave an Easter offering to the little occupants of the tree!
K leaving a trail of little tree living snowmen.
Delightful times spent with visiting family from London.
Egg hunt in the garden. The Easter bunny leaving eggs in some perilous places, but littlest one undeterred.
Spring time flowers beginning to emerge giving us some hope for warmer temperatures!