Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rhubarb Cordial


My first harvest this year from the allotment is Rhubarb. I'm not a great fan of Rhubarb Crumble or Pie so I'm always looking out for something else to do with it it...

So I tried Sarah Raven's recipe for Rhubarb Cordial as K and the boys are great cordial drinkers.


It was delightfully easy to make and the kitchen smelt wonderful as it was simmering.
After leaving it overnight to strain through a jelly bag, and adding some sugar, it was ready to bottle. I used some old glass mineral water bottles, to store in the fridge. I also put some in plastic 'squash' bottles to freeze.


The colour is just incredible and I love looking at it every time I open the fridge. 
The taste is good too, diluted with sparkling water. A very refreshing drink especially on a sunny day like the ones we've had this week.
I'll be making this again next year, perhaps holding back on using quite so many Star Anise (I put a whole packet in which I think was too many).

Now waiting for the Elder trees to flower. As with everything else this year, they are rather late, so I'm even more grateful for this Rhubarb Cordial.



  1. hello. Found you via Sarah Raven on Pinterest & love what you write. Have added you to my bloglist so please write some more :) x

  2. Ditto above! I love my elderflower cordial and hoard it till its nearly time for the next lot. Going to try rhubarb for the same reasons you have. Lovely blog too. Greetings from North Wales.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. x


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