Monday, 13 April 2015

...and breathe


After dropping the boys off at school for the first day of term, I escaped to the quiet lanes and hills of Montgomeryshire to explore my new wildflower survey area. It is a lovely kilometre square consisting mainly of agricultural pastures currently given over to expectant sheep, interspersed by broad-leafed woodland, twisted knobbly hedgerow trees, roadside verges along old lanes bursting with springtime flowers, springs and streams.


Blackthorn blossom is in its prime and early spring flowers are just starting to flower. It was a delight to see the first of the blue bells, stitchwort and cow parsley.

I spotted this eggshell discarded near a hedgerow. Nesting is obviously in full swing. Birdsong has been enhanced by the addition of summer visitors and it was delightful to hear the first willow warbler and my favourites, redstarts.


Calm restored...

Saturday, 11 April 2015

the copper beech in april



The leaf buds silhouetted against the blue sky are poised to burst. The moss on the tree trunk and branches is radiant. Nestled in amongst the knobbly roots of the copper beech are celandines, in their prime at the moment.

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