Saturday, 11 May 2013

My blogging view


Not a very inspiring view is it? Sabrina at Wolves in London shared her blogging view and asked others to share theirs. I thought I'd join in too, along with Laura at Circle of Pine Trees. I think its safe to say their views are far nicer than mine! 

And what is behind the curtain?...

A lot of building/restoration site clutter, hence why the curtains remain down!
The reason for this rather unconventional view, with very little natural light, is because we reside in a 'pod' which we call the 'The Hut', in an old church while we restore it and convert part of it (with the arched door in the picture below) into our proper house. 

 For nearly 10 years this has been our way of life, with all our worldly possessions stacked on pews.
And here is the outside view of our 'house' which still now makes me stop and think 'wow do we really live there!'

Hopefully... soon... my blogging view will be a lot more inspiring, with natural daylight reflecting off my limewashed walls, surrounded by our lovely possessions (most of which I can barely remember!) in their proper place... one day!
Thanks Sabrina for prompting this post, I've enjoyed doing it. If you blog, I look forward to seeing your blogging view!


  1. Erm, wow! That was quite a reveal behind the curtain! Who would have ever guessed there was going to be a full size stained glass window...

    What an absolutely incredible building, I can't believe you live in part of it. It is going to be mind-blowingly amazing once you finish it (though, frankly, it already looks mind-blowingly amazing to me right now...)

    By the way, I also really love the dusty ink pot and pens on your window sill too.

    Thanks so much for joining in.


  2. Amazing! Could there be a prettier view than those stained glass windows? The outside of your house is unbelievable, like something from a story book. I hope that you will show us more photographs as you get closer to completion. Laura x

  3. Excellent behind the curtain reveal! what an incredible view that is. As one who is also living with renovation (not resortation or any such incredibleness as your beautiful house) I know all about the promise lurking behind curtains and dust sheets. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed this post. - Annie

  4. I echo the WOW. I gasped this when I saw the last shot! What a fantastic place..and to live there must amazing! yes ok your current blogging view may be dull, but one day- to die for! X

  5. What an amazing window to have in your home, when your works are done you will be quite the lucky thing.


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