Saturday, 25 May 2013

May's wildflowers


Cow Parsley : Lady's Smock : Jack-by-the-hedge : Ivy-leaved Toadflax

Shining Cranesbill : Greater Celandine : Red Campion : White Deadnettle

Dandelion : Herb Robert : Dandelion : Creeping Speedwell & Daisy

Pignut : Welsh Poppy : Hairy Bitter-cress & Daisy : Cow Parsnip

As I'm doing my rounds of town on the school run, I'm really enjoying spotting wildflowers and trying to identify them. Even Littlest is beginning to pick up some names, though "Dan-dan" (Dandelion) remains his favourite! 
By doing this, it is opening my eyes to things that I may otherwise take for granted. Whilst looking for the correct name for speedwell for example, I discovered that there lots of different varieties when I thought speedwell was just plain old speedwell. 
Every week there is something new to spot. Spring is really racing by now...

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