Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dawn Chorus walk




It was an early start for Son #2, Fred and I this morning as we went on our own Dawn Chorus Walk. Today was International Dawn Chorus Day as it's the best time of year to hear song birds at their best.
Fred had never got up so early before, so it was quite an adventure setting off in the dark, with bats flying around. A few birds such as blackbirds and wrens had already begun their warblings and it wasn't long before the Dawn Chorus reached it's crescendo.
Unfortunately it was rather cloudy so sunrise wasn't quite the spectacle we'd hoped for, but it was still magical.
Our walk took us along country lanes and over fields to the summit of a local hill, Y Golfa, where we caught sight of a fox which was exciting.
We had a much needed rest at the top and enjoyed some hot chocolate and coissants, to the sound of skylarks.
From there we decended into a beautiful valley of fields, woodland and dingles.
As daylight grew and the birdsong died down, wild flowers caught our attention. Wood Anemone, Ground Ivy, Bush Vetch and new to me, Evergreen Alkanet. The verges was abundant with Primrose, Violet and Forget-me-not.
I think we walked a good 8 miles and I was very proud of Fred for physically achieving such a long trek, (though he did take his bike which helped) but also his great enthusiasm and interest in everything we experienced.
He wants to do it again next weekend!

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