Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Flower

Whilst weeding in the garden this afternoon, I had the idea of featuring a flower each week that is looking particularly mighty fine.

The garden is separated from our house by the graveyard! Then you have to go down some steps and unlock the gate, so it's quite a commitment to go there. At this time of year my attention is on the allotment and greenhouse with seed sowing, watering and potting on, so the days slip by with the garden getting very little attention.

I'm hoping that at least once a week I will stop rushing by the garden gate and actually open it to appreciate all its loveliness.

This weeks Friday Flower is the humble Violet. It is such a lovely little plant with it's heart shaped leaves and cheery little flower. I love the way it self seeds and pops up in all sorts of places. Here its growing in the garden path. I have to try and step over them!

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