Friday, 12 April 2013


A springtime walk, through fields of playful, curious lambs.
Sandwiches by a new stream to explore. The boys loved it.
Wild primroses popping up everywhere, beautiful.
There was a special light today, hazy sunlight against a pewter sky.
The countryside was full of the sound of recently arrived Chiffchaffs. So uplifting to hear them.
And to top it all, I saw my first Swallow of the year! Always a very special moment.
It feels like this long winter is coming, slowly, to an end.
Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. The sheep and lambs in the first picture look as if someone has washed them, they're so gloriously white and fluffy!

    We are seeing buds everywhere, even though it is still chilly here - it's as if Spring is turning her back on Winter and muscling in regardless. Love it.


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