Friday, 1 May 2015

May Day Posy


I was inspired to create a May Day Posy by Lou at Littlegreenshed. She is helping to revive an old custom of  making a posy of handpicked flowers to leave on the door of a friend as a celebration of Spring and Friendship.


The garden is a little sparse of colour at the moment with most things poised to flower, so I had to scrump some forget-me-nots which were spilling out of a garden on the roadside and some wild garlic growing in a shady spot in the churchyard. Mint and wych elm flowers provided a fresh green filler. 

The Posy was carefully carried across town to be left on a friend's doorstep. It was such fun to do and I wish I could have made more. I have already begun to note potential flower scrumping sites for next year.

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