Sunday, 24 August 2014

mushroom picking


A neighbour kindly deposited a bag full of field mushrooms on our doorstep the other day and informed us of the field she found them in. This morning we went out before breakfast, to find some of our own and introduce the boys to mushroom picking. It's been years since we've picked mushrooms from the fields as we have either missed them or been too unsure of their identification. However, the look and smell of these make them unmistakably field mushrooms.  A nearby field which is grazed by cattle was peppered with them. The boys loved running from clump to clump gathering them, still covered in dew. They soon learnt to only pick the young newly emerged ones. 
The mushrooms were cleaned up at home and made into a soup for lunch. It's rather time consuming checking for the tell tale holes of creatures that you don't want in your soup, but for a seasonal meal it's well worth the effort.

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  1. We've been given boxes of mushies too- too many to keep up with really! :-)


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