Tuesday, 12 August 2014

holidaying in the mountains

Ahhh the mountains.... big skies, long walks. A week spent nestled amongst Snowdonia's finest, on a quiet campsite just outside Beddgelert, with some pretty good views to greet you in the morning.


Rambles included Snowdon (of course!), Cnicht (just stunning and highly recommended. The walk takes in the atmospheric ruins of an old slate quarry) and the Roman Steps (possibly not at all Roman but a good walk non the less!) 


Ascending Cnicht


As you get to the summit, the views become almost aerial. At the top of the valley is the remote and atmospheric ruins of the houses of the workers of an old slate quarry. How hardy must those people have been.
Rhosydd Slate Quarry, Cwm Croesor





The Roman Steps... 

A steady climb up a slabbed pathway reaching a rugged pass in the mountains behind Harlech. So quiet and hidden away (apart from the odd jet flying overhead and the occasional walker) - a delightful area.


Lots of bouldering and scrambling to be had by the three brothers. And a truly wild and rugged place to rest and have lunch.


Fred set himself a personal challenge of conquering the summits of Snowdon and Cnicht in two consecutive days and raising money to help our local Wildlife Trust buy a woodland reserve. It certainly was a challenge, especially Snowdon shrouded in cloud and 50mph winds, but that added to the challenge. He absolutely loved it all, from designing the sponsorship form and his summit flag, getting sponsorship and of course the challenge itself - more of his adventure here

From Cnicht we had a wonderful view of Snowdon and the route which Fred and Sherpa Dad took. Possibly the first time Fred has seen the summit clear of cloud. 

And youngest didn't want to be left out and did his own mountain challenges...


He turned four during the holiday so we had a day off from hiking to explore castles and paddle in the sea.

Criccieth Castle


And just to get a different set of muscles aching, a bike ride through the forest.

The thrill seekers of the family flew (almost literally) on a mile long zip wire over a slate quarry.

A great week away to just be together and discovering new places to love.
At each holiday destination I always wonder if I could live there. With views like this, even laundry day would be a day to look forward to!


And I think I found the house to go with the washing line (yes, I was wearing my rose tinted sunglasses!)


  1. Hi Natalie, I've just realised you're a follower on blog lovin (bit slow about technology, me!). I love your photos, it looks like a smashing holiday and I'm very impressed with the zip wire activities :-)

    1. Thank you! :) I wasn't one of the participants in the zip wire activities I hasten to add - or me it was enough just to watch!

  2. Beautiful photographs! It's such a fantastic area isnt it? And very well done Fred! Jane

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and see we blog about similar thing. This post gave it away- I LOVE the mountains and camping so read on. We visited Llanberis in August on the way to Anglesey and went to the slate museum. I could see Snowdonia in the distance and wished we had time to hike it as it is on my bucket list. After seeing your pics of Cnicht... and the amazing abandoned slate house that has been added to my list too! Looks amazing! I look forward to following your blog
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest


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