Saturday, 22 March 2014

the field - march


In between the rain/hail showers, a walk around The Field to look for signs of spring... 
What was immediately apparent was the change in birdsong. Chiffchaffs having arrived home after their winter absence, joined the songs of robins, wrens, chaffinches, blue tits and plenty more.
The moles have been busy with lots of fresh molehills. We always make a bee line for molehills to see if they've dug up any interesting treasures! You can often find broken pottery and old clay pipes.


We went up to the top of The Field with the hope of finding blossom on the blackthorn trees, as I've seen some elsewhere. However these trees are obviously a little behind being in a less sheltered spot maybe.
Down through the wood and this mighty beech tree caught my eye. I love how others have obviously been drawn to this tree as well, and left their mark.

Bluebells are beginning to emerge through the leaf litter.
Leafbuds are bursting on the elder.

And the sticky horse chestnut buds are springing open with the freshest of green leaves.


Luckily I had the camera in hand when a pair of long-tailed tits arrived. What amazingly long whiskers they have!

New leaves are emerging on the brambles. The hawthorn leaves are still curled up tight in their buds, waiting awhile...


Celandines sprinkled the grassland all over the field. A couple of early butterflies were out too, a small tortoiseshell  and this comma above.
How wonderful to see all these signs of spring!

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