Saturday, 8 March 2014

a humble hawthorn tree

Over in The Field is a hawthorn tree, standing alone on the slope of the hill. It catches my eye for the reason that it isn't part of a hedge or copse which is where hawthorns tend to be with most of the surrounding area dedicated to farmland.



It's twisted trunks are protected by a mass of long thorny branches.



I just love the colour and forms of the lichens growing on the bare branches. The early spring sunshine picking out the spots of red - the leaf buds. 


The bird's feather (wood pigeon maybe?) caught on the branch is testament to some bird activity in the tree, though at the time of visiting there was none apparent. Having a small child and a cat with me may have influenced that!
If you look closely there are spider webs, glinting in the sunlight.


Growing up through it's branches is a bramble, with new leaves unfurling.
Around the base of the hawthorn there is evidence of rabbits having dug about in the earth, possibly to reach tender new shoots/roots to eat. Some hawthorn roots were exposed.

The grassland underneath is sprinkled with last years browned curled leaves.

Standing out on the open  hillside does mean this hawthorn has a fine view over Powis Park and beyond.

I'm linking in with Lucy over at 'Loose and Leafy' with her Tree Following project. The idea is to record the changes your chosen tree each month... when it's leaves unfurl, what grows on/underneath it, how it looks in different weathers etc.
I'm looking forward to getting to know this unassuming hawthorn tree a little better over the next few months!


  1. I love your hawthorn, it has the chance to stand straight(ish) and be a real tree, very rare. I am following a hawthorn too, though mine is planted in a strange and constricting location and therefore has a strange and lopsided habit, for once not caused by the prevailing winds sculpting it. I will enjoy comparing our two specimens.

  2. I love the spikiness of your hawthorn, and especially that wonderful yellow lichen.
    I look forward to much more throughout the year, especially the haws...
    All the best :)

  3. lovely photos of the lichen, it's a lovely tree and as you say not often do we see them fully, uncut and able to grow naturally, it has a beautiful view too, Frances

  4. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I'm off to check out your trees now!

  5. It's a lovely post - spiders, rabbits and all. Interesting too that the leaf buds on your tree are not yet opening. Here on the south coast they are. I tried following a hawthorn one year that stands out prominently on a cliff top - but had to give up because it was utterly unapproachable when it rained; the path turned to mire. I shall look forward to following this tree alongside you.

  6. I love hawthorns! Yours is wonderful, with all those lichens!


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