Monday, 20 January 2014

The Field - January

Looking out over the churchyard wall, you get a lovely view of The Field. Here we go sledging, pick elderflowers, forage for berries, collect conkers, climb trees, spot butterflies and most importantly it's a wonderful little escape right on our doorstep.
I thought it would be interesting to photograph The Field each month, as a record of the changing seasons. It is just a humble field, peppered with mature oaks, beeches, horse chestnuts, hawthorns and elders. I am hoping that by looking closely, there will always be something interesting to see.


On a chilly January morning, the light in The Field is beautiful, catching the water droplets on the branches making the tree look like it's covered in jewels. 


Just visible through the trees at the far end of The Field is Powis Castle, our neighbourly National Trust property.


This particular spot marks the best elder and blackberry bushes for foraging. And its one of my favourite views of Moel-y-Golfa, a distinctive hill which is often in the background of my photographs.


Near the top of The Field is one of the boys' favourite trees, the horse chestnut with its low branches, perfect for scrambling up. It provides some welcome shade whilst blackberrying in the summer. That feels an age away now, but the buds are there... waiting...


My favourite trees in the field are the old twisted hawthorns. 



I love the long shadows at this time of year.


Heading back you get one of my favourite views of home...



  1. Stunning! What a beautiful winter's day you've captured. Chilly but fabulous. It was great to see the sun wasn't it. What a great place to explore.
    Steph x

  2. That does look like a gorgeous walk, and right on your doorstep. Lovely. Our walks are just mud and puddles at the moment - and even when they're dry, they're flat!


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