Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bringing to fruition

Greetings 2014... I do like an even year!
There has been a lot of talk in my Twitter feed and on several blogs that I read, about choosing a word to depict what you hope the year will bring. For me I think/wish 2014 will be a year of fruition... the realisation of long term goals.

As you may know, as a family, we are part way through a rather large project restoring a redundant church and converting part of it to live in (which I write about here). We are tantalisingly close to the creation of our home within the church. We're at the 'finish' stage - painting, installing lighting etc., all the little details that gives a house it's style. I hope 2014 will see the fruition of our vision, though I'm sure it will be far from complete.

Since buying the church ten years ago, we have had the idea of opening the remainder of the building to the public as a venue to celebrate it's heritage. To use the building for the community to come together in, which is what the building was originally designed for, would help to give it a self sustainable future. I have always thought that we would need to finish the 'house', clear away our temporary accommodation in the nave and tidy away all our worldly possessions which are stacked on pews before this could happen. However, recently we have had a re-think of 'the plan' and decided to begin opening right now in a phased approach. This way we can start in a small humble way and slowly grow the business. Just before Christmas we officially set up as company (...eek!) and are now working our way through the pile of paperwork you have to complete just to simply open the door to Joe Public.

I recently put together a 'concept board' (giving away my past in design schooling!) to help communicate our styling and ideas for this space.

This was such an enjoyable process and already it has helped the vision start to become a reality. 2014 will mark the tentative beginnings of the fruition of a 10 year plan... exciting and nerve wracking times!

This year will be a year of fruition for the family as my eldest son will turn 18 and may leave home to go to university! I don't know yet if this is something I'm looking forward to or not. It is a trying time (as well as a proud time) as a parent as 18 years of motherhood is put to the test as you wave them off into adulthood. Already I feel the need to cram in as many wise words of advice before the university beckons, as though I'll never be able to guide and advise him again - crazy eh! I'll keep you posted on how I get on with that one!
At around the same time, my youngest son will start school. Oh my, September is going to be an emotional roller coaster of a month.

A busy year ahead... emotionally, physically, creatively. I hope that we are blessed with the time, stamina, love and good health to make 2014 a year of fruition, and the vision becomes a reality.

May 2014 see the realisation of your hopes and dreams too! x

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