Friday, 9 August 2013

Show Day!

Village shows are a great summer's day out and they are even more fun if you take part! Guilsfield Show
is our nearest show and this year we decided to go along, and what a great day it was...
Vintage tractor display
Horse competitions


Son #2 and I entered a couple of the 'tent' competitions. The most exciting part of the day for me is setting up our exhibits in the morning, ready for judging. The tent is full of people busy arranging and adding the final touches to their entries and eying up the competition! It's a wonderful atmosphere.

'A beach in a shoebox'

My pride and joy... success!

And later in the day there is the rush of nerves as you enter the tent and make a bee line for your exhibits, pushing through the crowds... quickly scanning the area for a red, blue or yellow card anywhere near your exhibit! And the joy when there is one!
Son #2 was thrilled to discover he had two cards by his photographic exhibit, as he was awarded a Special Cup!

Winning the 'Chris Evans Photographic Cup'
However, I was defeated by the jam and chutney makers of Guilsfield!
The afternoon was spent enjoying the show... looking at all of the other exhibits, bumping into friends, having a go on some of the rides, and having the obligatory icecream!

Guilsfield Show
A great day, and a great show, with a lovely friendly atmosphere and full of community spirit. We'll be back next year... trying again for that jam title!


  1. Wonderful! I adore show days, hoping to go to our local one tomorrow. Bless your chap, he looks as pleased as punch. I'd love to watch a documentary series about show days.
    Lovely, atmospheric pictures x

  2. Oooh, that looks like an amazing day! I can just imagine the excitement as you home in on the jam, waiting to see what you got...

    Next year, I'm sure!


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