Thursday, 8 August 2013

Exploring Lake Vyrnwy


Why is it when you have a tourist attraction on your doorstep, you tend to overlook it and don't really appreciate it? As part of our 'Montgomeryshire holiday' this summer, visiting the RSPB reserve at Lake Vyrnwy was high on my list.



Access to the reserve is free (fantastic!) and after visiting the information point, where a very friendly and helpful volunteer gave us a trail map, we set off on the 3 mile Craig Garth Bwlch Trail. It took us along lanes through woods with some gorgeous views. And we didn't see another soul... fantastic!

Rosebay Willowherb

Wood Sage

The boys loved looking out for foraging opportunities. Raspberries and bilberries kept them going, a healthy change from Jellybeans which is their normal walking fodder! But we did decide that woodland bilberries aren't as sweet and juicey as the hillside ones.


Small Tortoiseshell

Enjoying the spectacular views... just before descending into the village to have an icecream.
We drove along the lakeside to reach the start of our second walk, the Rhiwargor Trail.

Rhiwargor Waterfall (Pistyll Rhyd-Y-Meinciau)
A gentle riverside walk with the feel of the mountains, which was just gorgeous in the afternoon sun. The waterfall was a lot more spectacular than I expected - how have I not been here before!
Time was running out on us, but we shall definitely come back to explore here further...

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