Thursday, 17 August 2017

the annual bilberry haul


Each summer we dedicate a day to go up to the Stiperstones armed with plastic tubs to collect bilberries. We were a little late going this year, but there were still plenty to be found. Going later in the season meant we were treated to the amazing scent of the heather as it was in full bloom.


 The boys love to use their berry pickers and eagerly begin to fill up the tubs. However before long they are frolicking and rolling about in the springy heather, getting covered in purple splodges.


Their day was enhanced by doing a spot of Geocaching - something we started doing last summer. They love the quest of finding something that's been hidden away. The Geocache here didn't disappoint especially being an old ammo tin.


So with purple stained fingers, we headed home to freeze our modest haul of bilberries to give us a taste of the summer hills through the winter months.

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  1. Wonderful colours and amazing views!
    Getting hopelessly muddled who I've told and who I haven't told that I've moved from the Dorset coast of southern England to urban Halifax in the North West. I have a new blog to go with it so sorry if this is repetition.
    Loose and Leafy in Halifax

    Hope you are already having a happy 2018.


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