Thursday, 13 August 2015

holiday adventures

Holidaying in our own county! We have spent a wonderful few days exploring the Brecon Beacons - an area that I have driven through many times, as well as having worked and lived near by. I couldn't help think throughout our time there why on earth hadn't I walked these hills before.




We climbed Pen y Fan in the rain, cycled up 'The Gap' to Fan y Big to stand on the 'Diving Board' and discovered walks with dramatic waterfalls.







We walked along ancient paths from Roman Roads, drover's roads and old bridleways

The boys amused themselves with creating wild bracelets with rushes and wildflowers collected along the way.

We explored ruined priories and churches.

On the days it really rained we went to see some show caves and to Big Pit, the coal mining museum. Big Pit is a wonderful eye opener to the shear hard work and determination of the miners and their families. Experiencing a little of what it felt like to go down a mine was quite moving.

We all felt like we'd got to know our county a little better after this holiday. I shall miss pouring over this map planning our routes for the next day...


  1. I really enjoyed this post as it brought back memories of walking up Pen Y Fan when I used to belong to an Outdoor Pursuits youth club. We used to go on weekend trips from Havant where I lived to Wales. I really enjoyed those weekends.

    1. Thank you, and that youth club sounds brilliant!


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