Monday, 13 July 2015



Making has been the theme for the past few weeks ~ from picking flowers in the garden to make garden posies {even selling some on the doorstep!}

The foraging season starts for me with elderflowers or 'elderbloom' as I read recently in an old book. I have been out in the Field gathering basket fulls to make refreshing elderflower cordial.


New to me is dressmaking. I have altered and botched items of clothing but never really followed a proper pattern. A couple of years ago I bought a Merchant & Mills pattern with the idea of teaching myself dressmaking which has lain untouched until now. I had a special occasion to attend which provided the perfect deadline and impetus to pursue this dressmaking idea. I ordered some gorgeous Irish Linen from Merchant & Mills to make their Trapeze Dress which I was shortening to a tunic. I also got some cheaper fabric to do a trail run. 


Doing a trail run was a good idea as I really did have a lot to learn. I also discovered that the alter table here serves as a very good cutting table - perfect height and plenty of room to walk around.

I finished my new top/tunic just in time and I'm really pleased with it. It is full of novice errors and handmade charm, but I love it!

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I love the idea of your alar table being a good cutting table for sewing. X


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