Friday, 13 February 2015

the hawthorn tree in february


A grey drizzly sort of a day, and yet the colours on the Hawthorn tree seem to glow when you look hard enough. Maybe it is because everything else seems a little dull in this weather that you notice colour more?

Searching for some sign of life on the tree during its winter slumber, I spotted tiny red leaf buds starting to emerge. A nice contrast to the spent leaf stems of last year which are still attached to the branches.

The new growth from last year is more obvious now with the fresher feel of the bark and it's deep red colouration.

The few remaining haws are well and truly past their 'best before date'.


And there is some evidence of bird life around the tree...

I will be sad to say goodbye to 'my' hawthorn tree next month after a whole year of following it. I shall look back at the changes it has undergone during the year. 
Meanwhile I need to start thinking about my new tree...

Joining in with Loose and Leafy's 'Tree Following' project.


  1. Very nice photos of an interesting tree! I admit to being a sucker for all that lichen on the branches, but those thorns look wicked!

  2. It is hard to part with our trees, I agree! I suppose once I find a new one, it will be easier. Nice closeup of the lichens and feather :)

  3. It's great how needing to go close up makes things come in and out of focus. It's good for highlighting lichen and thorns.


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