Wednesday, 7 January 2015

the hawthorn tree in january


The hawthorn tree is looking very similar to last month... so instead of more photographs of lichen covered branches (as much as I love them!), I thought I'd try doing some sketching. I've been wanting to get back into drawing again and this seemed the perfect opportunity to start. With the absence of leaves, it was nice to focus on the twisting shapes of the trunk; the cracks in the bark; the thorny silhouettes of the branches and the frilly outlines of the lichen. 

It was a tranquil half an hour - if rather chilly in the cold January wind. Something I definitely want to do more of.

Joining in with Loose and Leafy's 'Tree Following' project.


  1. Great idea -- and you do it well.

  2. What fine artwork! Happy new year and tree following!

  3. Really like your sketches!

  4. Very lovely drawings, I hope you continue! And I love the peek at your home in the background of the photo.

  5. Your drawings are beautiful! (If it's ok I'll put a link to this post in the evolving (but as yet unpublished) 'Trees in the Arts' page on Loose and Leafy. Let me know if not.)

    1. Thank you Lucy, it would be an honor :) I look forward to seeing the page and hopefully getting some inspiration! x

  6. P.S. I recently took a photo of a similarly convoluted hawthorn -

  7. Thank you all for your wonderfully encouraging comments! x


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