Monday, 27 October 2014

breezy hills

Exploring some of Montgomeryshire's wildest (and windiest!) hills behind Trefeglwys. This is Karl's childhood stomping ground, so it was a gentle walk of rediscovery and sharing memories.

Ancient hedgerows and lanes, with glimpses of tumbledown cottages (where we were itching to climb over the fence to explore!). Fence posts covered in lichen and moss.


Up on the top of the hills, the light, colour and big skies make it my favourite sort of place. Bleached grasses blowing in the wind and a brooding Cadair Idris in the distance - love it!

We made our way down into the village and wandered round the churchyard (we just can't help ourselves!) which was full of beautiful slate. You can see that here
A campfire by the river to cook our supper as the light faded was probably the highlight of the day for the boys. Stones, water... sticks and fire... they could not have been anywhere better!

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