Saturday, 26 July 2014

It's bilberry time!


A whole month earlier than last year the bilberries are ready. Word in the hills was that they were ripe now... in July, so keen not to miss out we set out to gather our annual haul. We always head up to Nipstone Rock, part of the Stiperstones over the border in Shropshire. Rarely is there anyone else there and the views are outstanding looking back into Wales or if you turn around you can see for miles into England.
The Stiperstones
 There are so many berries that you hardly need walk very far, just find a nice mossy clump to rest on (though you will get purple splodges on your clothes) and pick away. In a couple of hours we have gathered enough to keep us in pies and muffins for the year - though I have to admit that Karl's highly efficient method of picking with a berry comb completely outdoes me for quantity, I'd have to be there all day!


Bilberries fresh from the bush, are the best way to enjoy them! 


And finally, some 'rock climbing' up the 'mountain' with Dad as a reward for their foraging efforts. It sure beats buying a punnet of blueberries from the supermarket! 

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