Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Field in June


I love the field in June. The grass grows long and it feels more like a meadow than just a field. The mix of flowers and seed-heads makes it all the more interesting.


The pignuts have finished flowering and turning into beautiful sculptural seed-heads.



The elderflowers came a little earlier than usual this year and the boys and I have been regularly picking them to make cordial - our favourite summertime drink. Under the elder trees are mounds of brambles, all now in flower.

The tree I struggled to identify in April, appears to be a variant of Horse Chestnut. It's growing next to a more familiar Horse Chestnut so it's easy to compare. The leaves are more slender and pointed and it is only now coming into flower, much later than it's neighbour.

Clumps of nettles are in flower. I had spotted some small tortoiseshell caterpillars on the leaves a couple of weeks ago, which are always nice to see. On this visit I was lucky enough to see a Yellow Shell moth with beautiful shading on its wings.

The hedgerows on the edge of the field are peppered with dog roses - one of my favourites...
The season seems to be passing by so fast, I can barely keep up!

The field in January : February : March : April : May

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