Sunday, 28 July 2013

Our little butterfly meadow

On our way to the allotment, we pass an overgrown gate that leads into a steep grassy field. Last week we had a little explore over the gate as I noticed lots of wildflowers growing on the other side. The grasses and thistles had grown really long, in places taller than the boys which was a wonderful sensation for them!

We had a wonderful sense of discovery as we spotted lots of butterflies enjoying this wild bit of the edge of town. The field leads down to a main road and is opposite a busy garage. The garage customers must have wondered what on earth we were up to as we were weaving our way through the thistles joyfully exclaiming 'wow... look at that!' as we saw yet another wildflower or butterfly.
Enjoying the birdsfoot-trefoil, harebells, thistles, docks and grasses, were Small Skippers, Ringlets, Silver Y, Large Whites, Commas, Six-spott Burnets, Meadow Browns and I think a Common Blue. Son #2 enjoyed taking part in the Big Butterfly Count using the handy app on my phone!

Small Skipper

Six-spot Burnet Moth

It's been a fantastic discovery, and I'm looking forward to spending more delightful afternoons there sitting amongst the grasses with the sun beating down on our faces...

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