Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunshine on our faces

This week has been very much one of those weeks, where many very separate things demand all of your attention, at the same time. The cold, heavy grey skies have done little to help lower my stress levels. But the weekend is here and oh joy, so is the sunshine. We have been outside soaking up the warmth on our faces, reveling in not having to wear a coat to be outside.

The garden was the place to be, tidying up last years growth to reveal this year's new shoots.

I like the contrast between last year's faded flowers and the fresh new growth.

I love hearing the boys playing along side me as I work. They had a wonderful time playing in a molehill! The simplest things...

After a good spell of gardening in the sunshine... followed by a cup of tea and some chocolate digestives and reading a couple of chapters of Little House on the Prairie (more on that to come!)... I'm beginning to feel a little more restored to face whatever next week may bring.
What restorative things do you like to do to bounce back from a tough week?


  1. There's definitely nothing better than a cuppa and a biscuit! And if the sun starts shining then all the better. If it stays this way I'll do a bit of restorative digging at the allotment me's felling a bit neglected this year so far!! Have a good week x

    1. Yes, digging would be good as my allotment is also feeling rather neglected! Happy digging and hope your week is a good one.x


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