Sunday, 13 January 2013

So let's begin...

I have been writing a blog for some time over at Christ Church Welshpool , which documents our journey restoring an old Victorian church and converting it into a family home. I've grown to really enjoy the creative side of blogging and thought it would be nice to create my own to share a more personal view, away from the scaffolding and lime plaster.

We'll have to see how this unfolds but I expect this blog to consist of a lot of photographs of the loves of my life, which of course center around my four boys... my man, a teen, a junior, an infant. My garden and allotment will feature highly as I love photographing flowers as much as I love growing them. One big love of my life is walking, often up a hill so I can get to see some big skies and looking out for birds, wild flowers and butterflies, so there will be a sprinkling of nature spots along the way. When I'm not outside, my favourite indoor activity is making things, from sewing and knitting to jams and chutneys.

I hope this will be an enjoyable visual record of those loves. Thank you for joining me.

So let's begin...

First my garden, before it starts to wake up for Spring.

If I had more time I would sketch these grasses. Love the strong light and dark vertical lines, with the odd curve, spot and horizontal. Love too the washed out warm colour they have, even on a freezing January morning. Hence 'Hay' in this blog's name... with Slate Grey and Lime being colours I surround myself with indoors.


  1. How exciting, a new blog! Lovely pictures and I look forward to reading more (from one houseful of boys to another!) Laura x

    1. Oh wow! Thank you Laura. I'm excited to have my own little project and you have been a real inspiration, which I must also thank you for! Any hints or tips most appreciated as this is quite different to my other blog. Really enjoying your new blog. x


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