Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A weekend of trips: Part 1




It's quite a rare treat to have a weekend of day trips, as we always have house building to be getting on with. However this weekend was special as we had a Canadian exchange student staying with us, and we wanted to show him some of the highlights of the area. The weather has not been very cooperative with grey cold skies and a bitterly cold wind, so it has been hard to plan any outdoor activities.
We started out by going to Ironbridge for a stroll around the bridge itself, and viewing the area of the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. I do love the patterning in the structure of the bridge. 
We had fish and chips for lunch and then drove on to RAF Cosford.



The RAF Museum at Cosford houses a huge display of military planes. It's impressive how they got so many in a relatively small area. Hanging them at jaunty angles is a clever idea. I liked the graphics, the reflections, and shapes of the structures. You do come away with the realisation that every little detail of a plane has to be so well considered and designed and you can't help but admire the feats of engineering that they are. I've never seen so many big and little boys so enthralled in a museum before, and I must admit I enjoyed it more than I expected too, having absolutely no interest in aeroplanes.

There was a good section of hands on activities for children to learn the physics of flying, which was a big hit with my two younger boys.
It's a great place to go and visit and rather incredibly it's free!

Part 2: Sunday's trip to follow.

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